Do your kids think science is boring or too hard? Do they like to take things apart or put things together?
Do they like to ask questions, investigate and try to find answers?

Check out a sampling of some of our workshop classes:

Programs we offer
Because we offer over 450 workshops in all fields of science and technology including biology, chemistry, earth science, forensic science, mathematics and physics, students explore an unusually diverse range of topics. They learn to culture and experiment with various cell types, analyze DNA, perform forensic analyses of hair and cloth, build models of the solar system, create wind powered cars, and take apart and reassemble engines. Our workshops are delivered in classroom, laboratory or garage settings by instructors who help students to discover that learning science is fun.

SciVan and BioMobileLab
SciVan delivers our in-school and after-school workshops. BioMobileLab, a state-of-the-art mobile science lab, brings advanced biology, biochemistry and biotechnology experiments to schools. It also brings these workshops to underserved communities where advanced science instruction is otherwise not available.

Advanced Student Research Program
Science fairs provide students with a research experience. In our award winning program, scientists from all fields mentor junior and senior high school students through a research project.
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Afterschool Programs
These workshops provide a place where children and parents can experience science and technology together. Children learn in a setting that frees them to explore what interests them.

Classroom Programs
These workshops provide a place where children and parents can experience science and technology together. Children learn in a setting that frees them to explore what interests them.

Workshops we offer:

Earth Science


Life Science


In addition to our 450 classroom offerings, we have two special initiatives to help our school partners. Students in California are assessed in science, language arts and mathematics. With a curriculum focused on language arts and mathematics, many schools lack the resources and time needed to teach the science concepts and investigational skills measured on the STAR Science Test. We offer workshops that concentrate on these tests. The workshops also help teachers to integrate the concepts and skills measured in California's Science, Integrated Mathematics and English-Language Arts Standards Tests. A Schmahl Science Workshop offers solutions! 

Homeschool Programs

These workshops are designed to support home school students and are aligned with California's state academic standards.
A Schmahl Science Workshop caters our programs to students based on learning ability, not by age.

Summer Camps

SSW offers a variety of Summer Science Camps for children of all ages to explore, learn, and have fun!

In Summer 2008, the following camps were offered:

  • Bioscience Camp for High School Students at Evergreen Valley College and Chabot College.

  • Science Exploration Family Camp at New Haven Adult School

The Evergeen Valley College, Chabot College and New Haven Adult School programs would not have been possible without the generous support of the Economic & Workforce Development Through -the California Community Colleges- California Applied Biotechnology Center – Bay Area. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the EWD for their dedication to promoting science literacy.
  • Science for Kids at Ohlone College

  • History San Jose Camps:

    • Smash Labs
    • Photography
    • Garage Workshops

Students, parents, teachers and principals interested in any of the above programs that have no link should contact Schmahl Science Workshops directly.

Teacher Feedback about SSW programs:

From Ms. West at Vinci Park Elementary School:
"The instructors are always fantastic! Mr. Sean is an excellent teacher - he knows his stuff and has great presentation skills. The kids always are engaged and excited during their lessons. I think Schmahl Science is the best program we have at Vinci Park. The kids learn so much and have fun doing it."

From Barbara Wylie at Robertson Intermediate:
"The Water Rockets activity was awesome! The kids had more fun than any other time that I can remember. When they did a follow-up written assignment, many of them said the only thing they'd change is to have more time (and less wind as it was a very windy day)."

From Anne Wright at Woodside Elementary:
"The kids all had a wonderful time mine have not stopped talking about their marble rollercoasters since yesterday!"

From Maureen Patton at Los Arboles Elementary:
"The classes are full with very few absences. The use of science notebooks is enhancing their learning. They are already looking back at pages and comparing. It's going great!"
"I really enjoyed todays lesson. I may even use a form of it in language arts. The kids didn't want to leave."

Parent Feedback about SSW programs:

"My daughter has had a wonderful time at these classes; thank you so much for offering them.

We've found that you cover experiments that we *meant* to get to, but never did for lack of preparation, or organization. That's where I REALLY REALLY see the value in your program(s).  Physical science is where we said, "we are DEFINITELY coming back." ;-)  "